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You make me smile. - it makes me smile [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
shiny happy people

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You make me smile. [Jun. 2nd, 2007|12:49 am]
shiny happy people
Dear Wayne,

I think I should just go right out and tell you that I think you are some kind of wonderful. It's very strange and difficult to explain how I feel about you exactly, however in doing so I believe that it would make my fondness towards you more justifiable and less contrived or corny, somehow.

There must be something incredibly special about you as I've never seen a person exude so much optimism, integrity, imagination, charm, charisma, discipline for work, humour and creativity all at the same time. It is something I extremely admire and am in awe at. Optimism for humanity, integrity in what you do, charming towards everyone, squirt humour everywhere and create psychedelia that warmly hugs one's senses into happiness.

Something else I admire about you is the fact that I feel I can see how much you've grown over the years, wiser and more successful, both commercially and in your life- all the while doing something you love. It really is an amazing feat, it's what I want to achieve (not necessarily the commercial part). If I were a better looking female Maslow, I would define you as self-actualized.

Perhaps I don't truly know you, or you have some fantastic PR person who sweeps up the weed you've been smoking and makes the acid you're on breed rainbows of fantastic music. Either way, the genuine and positive attitude you've shown is more than enough to make everyone your friend.

If I were you I couldn't be more happy with my life and achievements. It would be bliss besides the physical toil of touring, except the positives far outweigh the negatives. You bring so much joy into people's lives and smile so warmly that you smile with us, not at us. I can't help but wish you all the happiness and luck in the world so that you can continue bringing sunshine into my life.

If there were one celebrity that I would like to hug in my life it would be you. Yes, that's right, more than the ones I think are handsome. Not that you aren't, you are- and just that magically bit more.

Thank you,